Dear Chess Friends!

Since our previous announcement the situation has radically changed the last few days regarding the coronavirus pandemic in the world in general and in particular in Greece and in the island of Crete in which we already have the presence of virus.

The government of Greece and the administration of Crete has taken some necessary important restricted measures as it is expected the furthermore expanding spread of the phenomenon.

We were optimistic that we were about to normally realize the important upcoming events in Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos and Hersonissos but due to the latest developments we are forced to modify our schedule either by cancelling or postponing our Cretan Chess Tour events mentioned above.

In particular we decided:
– to cancel 29th Heraklion International Open which was scheduled to be realized 21-28th of April
– to transfer Heraklion Round Robin GM/IM from 20-28th of April to 12th to 20th of September (back to back to Anogia Round Robin GM/IM norm tournaments).
– to cancel 4th Agios Nikolaos International Open which was scheduled to be realized 30th of May to 6th of June
– to cancel as already being announced earlier Quality Chess Academy Camp which was scheduled to be realized 8-16th of June in Hersonissos (already scheduled the next one for 12-20th of October)
– to transfer 4th Hersonissos International Open from 15-23th of June to 21-29th of October

We wish this crisis will soon reach to its de-escalation and manage to get away from it with the minimum of human casualties as possible.

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