Event Date               Regulations    
Heraklion Round Robin GM/IM 25 Apr – 3 May 2022 English Greek
29th Heraklion OPEN 26 Apr – 3 May 2022 English Greek
10th Anogia OPEN
24Aug – 2 Sep 2022 English Greek
30th Heraklion OPEN 3-10 Sep 2022 English Greek
Quality Chess Academy camp English Greek
4th Hersonissos OPEN
Spring 2023 English Greek
G4th Agios Nikolaos OPEN
Autumn 2023 English Greek

Beautiful Chess Choices!

  1. Heraklion
    Round Robin and Open tournaments in 5* city hotel services, nearby (6km away) archeological places like famous Knossos!
  2. Anogia Village
    Round Robin and Open tournament in the legs of famous mountain Psiloritis where tradition, hospitality and beautiful landscapes are perfectly combined
  3. Hersonissos Resort
    Quality Chess Academy training camps and Open tournament in the perfect place to relax, in Lyttos Beach all inclusive resort hotel. The absolut combination of vacations and chess, ideal for family holidays.
  4. Agios Nikolaos
    A place with a lot of chess history is once again organizing an international open having managed to provide excellent prices next to its beautiful beaches. A low budget tournament with which you will fall in love instantly!