Crete Island named Best Europe destination for 2019 and in Top Five of TripAdvisor’s Best World Destinations.

The island is famous not only for its great beaches, gastronomy perfection and spiritual experiences but highly ranked for its rich archaeological and mythological history that’s reflected in its ancient ruins and cultural attractions. Minoan civilization is still somehow vivid providing inspiration and different mentality to the current habitants as well as for the travelers willing to explore its secrets in places like the famous Knossos Palace, the impressing archeological museum and the emphatic Dikteon Andron and Idaion Andron Caves.

Nowadays, Crete has always been a chess destination and chess players from all around the world can take part in open tournaments, GM/IM round robin events, improve their chess in training camps and at the same time enjoy perfect conditions and excellent organization.

Crete is also famous for its traditions and festivals. You can spend New Year Eve and Easter Holidays with us, as Cretan Chess Tour has a special schedule which makes it possible to come a few days earlier and take part in a traditional celebration.

If there’s one thing that sets Greece apart from every other destination it’s the warmth of the Greek people. An open heart and genuine hospitality is part of Greek DNA. We love company and will always be glad to see you in Crete. Don’t be surprised if you become our regular visitors, as you can truly feel at home here, even if you come from far away.

Travel information

Heraklion (HER) airport ( is the closest airport to all destinations. If you prefer to travel to Chania airport ( keep in mind it will take more time to get to the tournaments and you will need to rent a car or take a bus from the bus station of Chania.

Both Heraklion and Chania airports have excellent connection and direct flights from many capitals like Paris, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Moscow, and Kiev during the season. There are many connecting flights through Athens and Thessaloniki during the whole year.

Distances from Heraklion airport:
Heraklion 5 km,
Hersonissos 25km,
Anogia 40km,
Agios Nikolaos 63km

Distances from Chania airport (2-3 hours by car):
Heraklion 147 km
Hersonissos 169 km
Anogia 122 km,
Agios Nikolaos 206 km

Ferries from Athens to Crete

There are numerous ferry crossings operating from Athens to Crete. Ferries currently connect 2 ports in Athens with 4 ports in Crete.

There are a combined number of 51 ferry crossings each week across a selection of 5 Ferry Routes which are operated by 4 ferry companies including Minoan Lines, Anek Lines, Anek Superfast & Golden Star Ferries.

If you want to come to Heraklion please take a ferry from Piraeus port (Athens) to Heraklion.

Ferry schedule: